ADMELT® PA – where can polyamide adhesives be used?

Due to their exceptional flexibility and strength, PA adhesives can be used for very demanding applications such as:

• production of industrial filters e.g. automotive
• separation of roof tiles and other ceramic products
• general assembly work with the requirement for very high joint resistance to high temperatures
• metals, PVC, wood
Polyamide-based hotmelt adhesives are also used wherever there are requirements for high mechanical bond strength and adhesion.

What distinguishes ADMELT® PA polyamide adhesive?

• excellent flexibility at low temperatures
• high mechanical strength; abrasion resistance
• high resistance to oils and chemicals
• very good thermal resistance
In addition, what distinguishes polyamide adhesives from other hot melt adhesives is the strength and durability of the adhesive bond.

The strength temperatures of the adhesive bond are in the range 100°C -150°C with a softening range of 120°C -180°C.