furniture and woodworking industry

A.D. SYSTEM provides system solutions for the furniture and woodworking industry, including product service, advice and technical solutions for every stage of the production process.

We are a supplier of adhesives to domestic and foreign manufacturers of furniture and wood products. We provide products for manufacturers of wooden doors, window joinery and stairs.

For the most demanding customers, as the only representative in Poland, we have a full range of adhesives from the American company Franklin International, whose products are known under the Titebond brand.

Adhesive applications:

Our comprehensive range of cold and hot stamping adhesives guarantees high performance and low production costs.


taping on narrow surfaces


profile wrapping and vacuum forming


wrapping of wide surfaces



assembly bonding


production of glued furniture board


manufacture of mattresses and pockets

Adhesives in the furniture industry –  A.D. System solutions

In the world of furniture manufacturing, choosing the right adhesive is crucial. AD System offers advanced adhesive solutions that set new standards in the industry, ensuring reliable and durable bonding.

Use of adhesives in furniture production

Our hot melt and dispersion adhesives are the result of continuous research and innovation. In our range, you will find products ideally suited to the diverse requirements of the furniture industry. Regardless of the specific project or materials, our adhesives are optimised to ensure reliable and durable bonds. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide professional advice to help you choose the right adhesive, making shopping at A.D. System a one-stop solution for any furniture manufacturer.

To whom do we address our offer?

A.D. SYSTEM products are ideal for manufacturers of wood and laminated board furniture, upholstered furniture and also for mattress manufacturers. Thanks to the versatility of our adhesives, we can meet the needs of the diverse sectors of the furniture industry.

Specific applications of wood adhesives

The A.D. SYSTEM range of adhesives is used in the manufacture of furniture, countertops, windows, doors, floor and panel assembly and for laminating various materials. Their versatility allows them to be used in many different production processes, as evidenced by the numerous successes of our customers.

Advantages of our solutions in the furniture industry

Our adhesives stand out for their performance, attractive value for money and versatility of application. Titebond products are characterised by their ease of cleaning, lack of toxicity, durability and short opening and pressing times. They are ideal for indoor use, providing a durable and creep-resistant adhesive bond.

Types of adhesive used in the furniture industry.

Our product range includes hot melt adhesives on EVA, APAO and PUR bases, as well as dispersion adhesives on PVAc and PUR bases. We also offer aliphatic resin-based adhesives, such as the renowned TITEBOND adhesives, which are renowned for their quality and reliability.

Recommended glue application equipment

To achieve the best results, we recommend reading the instructions for use supplied with our products. This information will help you make optimal use of the adhesives and ensure maximum efficiency in your production process. AD System is your trusted partner in industrial adhesives, providing the products and technical support to help your business succeed.

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