Pressure sensitive adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives

It is a thermoplastic solid that, when exposed to temperature ( 90-200C), turns into a liquid and acquires adhesive properties. The formation of the bond takes place when it cools or cools down. The adhesive remains ‘everlasting’, which gives it its self-adhesive properties.


Pressure sensitive adhesives we offer under the name ADMELT®

Pressure sensitive adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives are adhesive substances that retain their properties for a very long time after application. They are extremely popular and are used in a variety of industrial sectors. Find out more about everlasting adhesives and their practical applications. Find out to what they owe such qualities!

Pressure sensitive adhesives 

PSA – these are thermoplastic substances (check also –  PUR hot melt adhesives and EVA adhesives) usually based on rubbers, which under the influence of temperature change into a liquid and acquire adhesive properties. The main feature of PSA adhesives is the ability to form a bond quickly and easily, without the need for additional tools. All that is needed is a layer of adhesive between the materials to be bonded at the right temperature for the adhesive to take effect. Each time the adhesive layer heats up, it reduces its viscosity and when it cools down or cools down, it becomes a permanent adhesive bond that is characterised by high flexibility and resistance. Adhesives of this type are characterised by high self-adhesive properties, which means that they can be used to bond surfaces with different structures and surface tensions. They are characterised by high adhesion and can therefore be used to bond non-absorbent materials. Their versatility makes them widely used in industries such as packaging, textiles and printing.

Pressure sensitive adhesives – advantages

Pressure sensitive adhesives are products with many advantages. Their self-adhesive properties make the adhesive very easy to use and require no additional fixation. They are made up entirely of solids – they contain no water or solvents. This is what makes them so safe for the health of workers and the environment that they do not need to evaporate. Further advantages of PSA adhesives are that they always remain flexible and ‘live’. The adhesive bond can withstand low temperatures. As a result, these adhesives are ideal for making long-lasting and robust bonds, both in everyday use and in professional applications.

Properties of presuure sensitive adhesives

PSA are characterised by a permanent tack that makes them durable and extremely effective at bonding different surfaces. They also have above-average initial tack, which means that they take effect instantly and stick to surfaces from the moment they are applied. This allows for increased production speeds. In addition, these types of adhesives have good shear strength, which makes the bond resistant to crumbling. These adhesives can be used, for example, for multi-layer lamination, labelling or attaching various objects whose surfaces will be exposed to variable forces. Due to their properties, everlasting adhesives are widely used both in industry and in home repairs. It is worth noting that well-chosen everlasting adhesives can significantly simplify and speed up the process of joining different surfaces, which is of great benefit to both professionals and amateur repairers.

Applications of pressure sensitive adhesives

The applications of  PSA adhesives  are extremely versatile. It is a substance that maintains its adhesive properties over a long period of time without losing quality. It can be used to bond a variety of materials such as wood, metal, ceramics, plastics and many others. Everlasting glue is often used in crafts and industry, but also in the home, for repairs and renovations. It can be used for gluing textiles, paper, making ornaments or even in modelling. Its flexibility and exceptional adhesive properties make it a very popular choice in many industries. In addition, everlasting glue is easy to store and simple to use, making it ideal for professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you need to join parts in your workshop or repair items at home, everlasting glue can be your best ally. 


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