glue guns for glue sticks

Professional GLUE GUN PT-180

Lightweight, fast heat-up time, built-in on/off switch, stable base

Dane techniczne
power-icon Power 180 W
thermometer-icon Operating temperature 193°C
thin-icon Sticks 11,0-11,5 mm
weight-icon Weight 450 G
speedometer-icon Melting capacity 0,7-1,2 kg/h

Industrial GLUE GUN PT-350

Slim handle, easy temperature control, built-in on/off switch

Dane techniczne
power-icon Power 300 W
thermometer-icon Operating temperature 120°C-230°C
thin-icon Sticks 11,0-11,5 mm
weight-icon Weight 550 G
speedometer-icon Melting capacity 1,0-1,5 kg/h

Industrial GLUE GUN HB-350

Modern design, high power, robust housing, high performance

Dane techniczne
power-icon Power 330 W
thermometer-icon Operating temperature 130°C-220°C
thin-icon Sticks 11,0-11,5 mm
weight-icon Weight 550 G
speedometer-icon Melting capacity 1,2-1,6 kg/h

Automatic GLUE GUN TE-m12

Automatic motor drive for glue feeding, double heating system, high gluing capacity

Dane techniczne
power-icon Power 450 W
thermometer-icon Operating temperature 195°C
thin-icon Sticks 11,0-11,5 mm
weight-icon Weight 800 G
speedometer-icon Melting capacity 2,5 kg/h

Additional nozzles


Glue guns for glue sticks

The most popular tool for working with hotmelt glue is the glue gun for sticks.  It is convenient to use and allows easy and fairly precise application of glue to a variety of surfaces. Industrial glue guns  for sticks  have a high power output – up to 400 watts, a built-in on/off switch and a temperature-controlled thermostat. They are distinguished by their high adhesive performance and ergonomic design. All industrial guns offered by A.D.  SYSTEM come with a one-year guarantee on electrical components, such as the thermostat or switch. Each model is CE certified.

Where can glue guns for glue sticks be used?

Due to the wide range of adhesives offered by A.D.  SYSTEM, our glue guns can be used in a variety of applications. They are most frequently used in: printing and packaging production, filter assembly, sealing of product packaging, floristry, construction, e.g. for the assembly of electrical cables.

What advantages do glue guns have?

The industrial glue guns for glue sticks offered by A.D. System can reach up to 330 watts of power, making them ideal for applications requiring high adhesive output. In addition, they have a built-in on/off switch and a temperature-controlled thermostat, making it possible to use adhesives of different viscosities and to adapt the adhesive operating temperature to the room temperature. The glue guns proposed by A.D.  SYSTEM are of very good quality, ergonomic design and robust power. This makes them indispensable in many fields. 

Completing the range of glue guns are additional nozzles of various designs; single and multiple hole, flat, with holes of different diameters. They enable the application of adhesives in various applications.

What adhesives are used in glue guns for glue sticks?

Glue sticks are mainly EVA-based adhesives. Polyolefins and polyamides are less common. Due to their specific nature PSA adhesives are not produced in the form of glue sticks.

A.D.  SYSTEM offers a very wide range of adhesives in sticks, with different parameters such as open time, speed of setting, adhesion to different surfaces, etc. We also offer glue in black colour. 

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