hygiene sector

We provide customers with a wide range of adhesive solutions for the hygiene sector.

Our products can meet your needs if you are a manufacturer:

  • nappies for babies and adults
  • sanitary towels and feminine sanitary napkins
  • wet wipes
  • toilet paper, paper towels

The advantages of our products include reliable thermal stability, low temperature operation, bright colour, low odour. Our suppliers’ production system and procedures comply with ISO 9001. This ensures high and stable product quality.

their scope of application is:

The adhesives we offer are used for all types of slot and spray nozzles.








assembly; e.g. for flowpack

Adhesives in the hygiene sector – modern solutions from A.D.  System

In the hygiene industry, the right choice of adhesives is crucial for product quality and safety. A.D.  System offers specialised hotmelt adhesives that are ideally suited to the needs of hygiene product manufacturers, ensuring reliability and comfort in use.

The use of hotmelt adhesives in the hygiene sector

Hot-melt adhesives are an indispensable component in the production of sanitary pads, sanitary towels or nappies. Their use in the hygiene sector ensures the durability of the products while maintaining comfort and safety in use.

Adhesives for sanitary napkins and hygiene materials

A.D.  System’s range of products is aimed at manufacturers of hygiene products, including nappies, feminine hygiene pads, stoma products and packaging of wet wipes. A frequent application is the use of our products as adhesives for sanitary napkins. Our adhesives meet the specific requirements of this industry, guaranteeing high quality and safe products.

Specific applications for adhesives in the hygiene sector

A.D.  System adhesives are used in the manufacture of various hygiene products, including nappies and pads, providing flexibility, odourlessness and temperature resistance. Thanks to their good adhesion, these products ensure comfort and safety in use.

Advantages of AD System adhesives in the hygiene sector

Adhesives from AD System are characterised by their flexibility, odourlessness, temperature resistance and good adhesion. These properties make them the ideal choice for applications in the hygiene industry where gentleness and durability are required.

Types of adhesive used in the hygiene sector

Our range includes PSA-based adhesives from the ADMELT® range, which are specifically tailored for hygiene applications. They provide durable and reliable bonding in these sensitive applications.

Recommended glue application equipment

For optimum application results, we recommend the use of appropriate equipment, in accordance with the instructions for use available for each product. This information will help you to choose the right adhesive application methods and techniques.

A.D.  System is your trusted partner in providing advanced adhesive solutions for the hygiene sector, providing products that are key to the quality and safety of hygiene products.

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