One of the largest sectors of the economy is construction.

From the foundation to the roof, building products are supported by hot-melt adhesives. They can be used to bond different materials, laminate wide surfaces, glue cables and mouldings, and separate products.

Due to their excellent adhesive properties, A.D.  SYSTEM products can be used in the production of:

  • roofing membranes
  • inulation materials, floor underlays, waterproofing membranes, tile and tile separation, and the production of building corners.

Our wide range of adhesives work with a variety of application methods – spray, roller, in-line. Our experience allows us to select the right adhesive on the right base. In addition to hot-melt adhesives based on EVA, APAO, HMPSA, and PUR, A.D.  SYSTEM offers dispersion adhesives as well as assembly masses, one- and two-component PUR adhesives, and contact adhesives.

Adhesives in the construction industry – professional solutions from A.D.  System

In the construction industry, the right choice of adhesive is crucial for the durability and safety of a structure. AD System offers advanced hot-melt adhesives that stand out for their high performance and are ideally suited to demanding construction applications.

The role of hot melt adhesives in the construction industry

Hotmelt adhesives from AD System are used, for example, in the creation of insulation and soundproofing, the manufacture of roofing membranes, the taping of building corners and in many other applications. Our products provide durable and effective solutions.

Who is our range of construction adhesives for?

Our products are aimed at all companies operating in the construction sector and home furnishing manufacturers. We provide adhesive solutions that meet the needs of different sectors of the construction industry, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

Specific applications of adhesives in the construction industry

Our adhesives are used for bonding roofing membranes, insulating materials, floor underlays, waterproofing membranes, tile and tile separations, building corners, interior finishes and duct bonding. Their versatility allows them to be used in many different construction processes.

Advantages of AD System adhesives in the building industry

Adhesives from AD System are distinguished by their resistance to temperature extremes, their resistance to water and humidity and their high durability. These qualities make them ideal for use in demanding construction conditions. 

Types of adhesives used in the construction industry

Our product range includes EVA, PO, APAO adhesives (including ADMELT® – granules and pads and DUOSTICK® – glue sticks), PUR hotmelt adhesives (NEOTHERM® and DUOPUR®), and PSA hotmelt adhesive (ADMELT®). These are specifically tailored for use in the construction industry.

Recommended application equipment for construction adhesives

For best results and convenience, we recommend the use of air guns and adhesive systems available from A.D.  System. These devices are tailored to a variety of applications in the construction industry and ensure even and precise application of the adhesive.

A.D.  System is your trusted supplier of construction adhesives for durable and secure construction, an indispensable tool in the hands of industry professionals.

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