Urea resins

Urea resins

Popular ‘hot melt’ adhesive systems. Once cured, they form a rigid adhesive bond resistant to heat and moisture. They are available as a powder that can be mixed with water into a finished dispersion.


We offer urea resins under the name RESIN

Urea resins

Urea resins are some of the most commonly used resins in the wood and furniture industry. They are characterised by their excellent binding capacity and are also economical. Modern technology and advanced manufacturing processes make urea resins indispensable in the furniture industry.

Urea adhesives – applications

The main areas of application for melamine and urea resins are in the manufacture of: adhesives, mouldings and moulded parts (hardware, electrical engineering parts), panel laminates, lacquer products. Resins are used to refine textile, tanning and paper products, as well as to manufacture foam plastics. Laminates produced on paper backing and on fabrics (e.g. glass or asbestos), as well as laminated chipboard or fibreboard, are of great importance. 

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