Solvent-based, contact

Contact adhesives

They are based on solvents or water. Their purpose is to bond, in a short time by momentary pressure, two surfaces after the water or solvent has evaporated. Double-sided application.


We offer contact adhesives under the names Durabond® and  Contact

Contact adhesive – what is it and how does it work?

Contact adhesives, based on solvents or water, are a group of adhesives characterised by their remarkable ability to bond two surfaces together in a short time, without the need for additional curing. Their action is based on the evaporation process of the solvent or water, which enables a permanent bonding of the materials.

Application of contact adhesive

The use of contact adhesive is extremely versatile and covers many different fields and applications. These adhesives are valued for their unique properties such as adhesion, flexibility and moisture resistance. Here are some specific applications of contact adhesive:

  • Wooden structures – contact adhesives are often used for bonding wooden components such as countertops, boards, mouldings and panels. They provide permanent bonds without the need for screws or bolts.
  • Installation of acoustic materials – contact adhesives are an effective tool in the installation of acoustic materials such as soundproofing and insulation boards. They help to create soundproof structures.
  • Automotive industry – contact adhesives have also found applications in the automotive industry, where they are used to bond upholstery, floor coverings and other car interiors.
  • Arts and crafts –  in the field of arts and crafts and modelling, contact adhesives are used to join different materials such as wood, metal or plastics with precision.
  • Moisture sealing – contact adhesives are an effective means of sealing the edges of solid wooden components to protect them from moisture and other weather conditions.

Solvent adhesives

Solvent adhesives are a type of adhesive that contain chemicals that are soluble in organic solvents. These solvents serve as carriers for the adhesive and evaporate after application, leaving behind a permanent bond. They are resistant to mechanical stress and weathering. Solvent-based adhesives are versatile and are used in many areas, such as:

  • packaging production,
  • furniture industry,
  • textile industry,
  • rubber industry,
  • production of labels and signs.

Polychloroprene adhesives

Polychloroprene adhesives are a type of adhesive that is based on a chloroprene polymer. Polychloroprene adhesives are known for their excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials, including rubber, plastics, wood, fabric and metal. Polychloroprene adhesives are resistant to weather conditions, including moisture, extreme temperatures and UV radiation. They can perform well in outdoor applications. Polychloroprene adhesives are known for their ability to bond different materials, making them used in projects where different surfaces need to be joined. They are widely used in:

  • shoe manufacturing,
  • upholstery,
  • rubber products,
  • furniture industry,
  • wooden structures,
  • repairs.

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