automotive industry

The automotive industry requires a number of challenging criteria for adhesives.

Resistance to high and low temperatures, low volatile emissions and flame retardancy are the biggest requirements for adhesives used in the automotive sector.

Our products meet these conditions and also have excellent adhesive strength to PET, PP, ABS, PUR foams, rubber, metals and other materials commonly used in the automotive industry.

The application of the adhesive can be the assembly of a car interior, car headliner, headlight, air filter or oil filter.

Adhesives in the automotive industry – modern solutions from A.D. System

In the automotive industry, choosing the right adhesive is of paramount importance for the quality and durability of vehicles. AD System offers advanced hotmelt adhesives that are ideally suited to a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.

Wide range of adhesive applications in the automotive sector

Hotmelt adhesives from A.D. System are widely used in the automotive sector. They are indispensable for the assembly of vehicle interiors, such as headliners, as well as for the production of headlights. These adhesives are usually applied automatically, which ensures the even and precise coating necessary to ensure the quality and durability of the joints.

For whom is our range of adhesives designed? 

Our range of adhesives is aimed at a wide spectrum of manufacturers in the automotive industry, from subcontractors to automotive mechanics. We provide solutions that meet the needs of a wide variety of applications in this industry.

Specific applications for automotive adhesives

Our adhesives are used for bonding a variety of car accessories, including car mats and lamps. Their versatility allows them to be used in a wide variety of production processes in the automotive industry.

Advantages of our automotive adhesives

A.D. System adhesives are distinguished by their resistance to high and low temperatures, low VOC emissions and flame retardancy. In addition, they offer excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials, which is crucial in the automotive sector.

Types of adhesive used in the automotive industry

Our range includes APAO-based hot melt adhesives and PSA adhesives from the ADMELT® range. They are specifically tailored for automotive applications, providing adhesive performance and durability.

Recommended glue application equipment

For best adhesive results, we recommend the use of air guns and adhesive systems available from AD System. These devices are tailored to a variety of applications in the automotive industry and ensure even and precise application of the adhesive.

A.D. System is your trusted supplier of innovative adhesive solutions for the automotive industry, ensuring high quality and durability in every aspect of vehicle production.

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