labels and self-adhesive materials

A.D. SYSTEM offers a range of environmentally friendly adhesives on the basis of natural and synthetic rubbers.

Adhesives of this type are commonly used for the production of labels and self-adhesive materials such as various types of adhesive tape, envelope adhesives and courier envelopes.

The label solutions we offer include paper and foil products and are suitable for labels in rolls and flat sheets. They are used for price labels, logistics labels, labels resistant to low temperatures as well as increased humidity.

ADMELT series adhesives ensure reliable processability, durability, stability and clean punching processes.

Adhesives in the production of labels and self-adhesive materials – modern solutions from A.D.  System

Labels are ubiquitous in our daily lives, from product packaging to industrial products. A.D.  System offers innovative hot-melt adhesives that provide excellent adhesion and performance in the production of labels and self-adhesive materials. 

Use of adhesives in label production

Labels on plastic or glass bottles, jars or cans are usually adhered with a thin layer of hot-melt adhesive. It is these adhesives that play a key role in the production of labels, ensuring a permanent bond to the packaging. 

Who is our range of adhesives for self-adhesive materials aimed at?

Our products are ideal for label and packaging manufacturers, including plastic bottles, PET bottles, glass bottles and metal cans. We provide adhesive solutions that meet the requirements of different types of packaging and labels.

Specific adhesive applications in label production

AD System adhesives are used in the production of labels and self-adhesive materials and in bonding labels to various objects. Their versatility allows them to be used in a wide variety of production processes in the packaging and labelling industry.

Advantages of A.D. System adhesives in label production 

Adhesives from AD System stand out for their low odour, high performance and excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces. These properties make them the ideal choice for the production of labels, ensuring durability and an aesthetic finish.

Types of adhesives used in label production

Our range includes PSA adhesives from the ADMELT® range. They are specifically tailored for applications in the production of labels and self-adhesive materials, offering durability and reliability of bonding.

Recommended glue application equipment

For optimum application results, we recommend reading the instructions for use available for each product. This information will help you choose the right equipment and adhesive application techniques.

A.D.  System is your partner in providing advanced adhesive solutions for the label and self-adhesive industry, ensuring high quality and efficiency in every aspect of production.

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