automatic adhesive application systems

Automatic application systems

We are able to sell, install and service automated adhesive application equipment for dispersion adhesives, conventional hot melts as well as PUR adhesives. We will present a concrete solution based on the determination of the customer’s needs and possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Automatic adhesive application systems

Automated adhesive application systems are becoming a key component in production processes. Adhesive application systems are revolutionising industrial processes by introducing efficient, precise and repeatable methods of applying adhesive to a variety of surfaces. This allows us to offer our customers comprehensive adhesive application services.

Where will automated adhesive application systems be used?

Automated adhesive application systems are used in a variety of industries where precision, efficiency and effectiveness are key to production processes. Here are some areas where such systems are widely used:

  • Automotive industry – automatic bonding systems are used in vehicle manufacturing, assembly of interior components, bonding of body panels, as well as in sealing and bonding processes for mechanical components.
  • Food packaging industry – in packaging production, they are used for gluing boxes together, sealing packaging and also for the application of labels.
  • Filters production – for bonding filter formats (pleats).
  • Mattress and pocket production – for the assembly of mattress foams and inserts as well as for the production of pocket springs.

What advantages do automatic adhesive application systems have?

Automatic systems significantly speed up production processes, reducing adhesive application times and thereby increasing productivity. Thanks to advanced technologies, the systems ensure precise and even adhesive application, eliminating the risk of human error. The automatic systems are optimised to minimise adhesive consumption, resulting in material and economic savings. A.D.  System, offers automated dispensing equipment for different types of adhesives, customised according to customer needs.

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