manufacture of mattresses and pockets

For many years, Poland has been at the forefront of mattress manufacturing in the world.

As an everyday object, it should be comfortable and safe. It is one of the foundations for a good night’s sleep, for the regeneration of our body. In this connection, the adhesives used in their manufacture play a special role.

We distinguish between two types of bonding in mattress production: structural bonding of mattresses and production of pocket springs.

We offer adhesives for the layered lamination of materials such as non-woven, breathable cotton, wool and other cotton fabrics or difficult to glue materials such as latex, memory foam etc. All materials must be glued tightly so as not to affect the quality. In the operation, it is necessary to use a solvent-free, environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive that has a long open time, high initial strength and is suitable for a variety of materials for bonding work.

The adhesive for pocket springs is used to bond the non-woven fabric to the non-woven fabric, and the individual pocket springs are bonded to the required size of the bed surface. The adhesive must have adequate bond strength, elasticity and a relatively long open time.

The EVA and modified polyolefin-based adhesives we propose are advantageous due to their purity, high performance and applicability to various application methods.

Adhesives in mattress and pocket production – effective solutions from A.D.  System

In the mattress industry, it is crucial to use the right adhesives to ensure the durability and comfort of the product. A.D.  System offers advanced hot-melt adhesives that are ideally suited to the needs of mattress and bed manufacturers, guaranteeing high quality products.

The role of hot melt adhesives in mattress manufacturing

Hot melt adhesives are used in mattress production for bonding PUR foams, assembling mattress components and bonding mattress pockets, which is crucial for maintaining the correct structure and durability of the product. Their invisibility in the finished product is an additional advantage.

Who is our mattress adhesive range for?

A.D.  System’s offer is aimed at mattress and bed manufacturers who are looking for high-quality adhesive solutions for the production of comfortable and durable mattresses.

Use of adhesives in the manufacture of all types of mattresses

A.D.  System adhesives are used in the production of a wide variety of mattresses, providing excellent adhesion and long-lasting durability. Their flexibility and strength are crucial to the quality of the final product.

Advantages of A.D. System adhesives in mattress production

A.D.  System adhesives are distinguished by their excellent adhesion, environmental compatibility and odourlessness. These properties make them the ideal choice for mattress applications where durability and comfort are required.

Types of adhesive used in mattress manufacturing

Our product range includes APAO, PSA and EVA-based adhesives from the ADMELT series. They are specifically tailored for mattress applications, offering durability and high bonding performance. 

Recommended glue application equipment

To ensure the best application results, we recommend using the appropriate equipment, according to the instructions for use available for each product. This information will help you choose the right adhesive application methods and techniques.

A.D.  System is your trusted supplier of mattress and bed adhesives, providing the highest quality products that are key to the comfort and durability of the final product. 

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