Our products can be used in home and craft work. They are commonly used for floral compositions, Christmas decoration elements and the like. We also offer stick adhesives, which are odourless
and solvent-free, for domestic applications, e.g. minor repairs, gluing skirting boards, cables to walls, gluing paper, etc.

An indispensable tool for this type of work are hand guns for glue application. We recommend a wide range, with different power and size, with temperature control. You will certainly find the optimum model for your needs.

Adhesives in the floral industry – creative solutions from A.D. System

In the world of floristry, where aesthetics and the durability of the composition are crucial, the right choice of adhesive is of paramount importance. A.D.  System offers specialised adhesives that are ideally suited to the needs of the floral industry, whether for small florists or large decorative companies.

The role of adhesives in floristry

Adhesives in floristry are mainly used in the creation of compositions and decorations. They are indispensable in small florists as well as in large florist companies dealing with decorations for weddings, parties and other events. Thanks to the adhesives from A.D. System, industry professionals can create durable and aesthetically finished arrangements.

Who are the florist adhesives aimed at?

The DUOSTICK® range of stick adhesives is aimed at florists, floristry companies and event agencies. We offer solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry, providing efficiency and an aesthetic finish to decorations.

Specific applications of adhesives in floristry

A.D. System adhesives are used for the creation of green walls made of gerbil, moss decorations, panels, paintings, pots and compositions with stabilised plants. They are suitable for bonding both artificial and live flowers, with the latter using adhesives with a lower melting point.

Advantages of A.D. System adhesives in floristry

Our adhesives are distinguished by their odourlessness, fast setting and transparent colour. These features make them ideal for work in the floral industry, where aesthetics and durability of the composition are particularly important.

Types of adhesive used in the floral industry

Our range includes DUOSTICK® stick adhesives, which are specially adapted to floral applications. With them, a variety of decorative elements can be joined precisely and effectively.

Recommended glue application equipment

For best results and convenience of use, we recommend glue stick hand guns. These are ideal for precise glue application in a variety of floral projects.

A.D.  System is your trusted supplier of floral adhesives that enable you to create beautiful compositions and decorations, being an indispensable tool in the hands of industry professionals.

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