Adhesives auxiliaries

Adhesive auxiliaries

Products for cleaning up residues from our adhesives (cleaners) as well as agents for preparing difficult surfaces before bonding (primers), separating and cooling fluids.

Adhesive cleaner 

Adhesive cleaner, although often underestimated, is a substance that plays a key role in keeping things tidy. Glue cleaner is an effective tool for getting rid of unwanted stains and residues. This special cleaner is designed to be safe for most surfaces e.g. when used on furniture, glass, plastics and metal.

Adhesive auxiliaries – so which ones?

Adhesive auxiliaries are a key part of the bonding process, helping to prepare surfaces and maintain cleanliness, which affects the quality and durability of adhesive bonds. Here are some of the main types of bonding adhesive auxiliaries:

  • Primers – these are substances that are applied before the adhesive is applied to improve the adhesion and durability of the bond.
  • Cleaners – these are products used to remove adhesive residues and other substances from surfaces to be bonded.
  • Separation and cooling fluids – help to protect tools and materials from excessive heat and facilitate the machine and bonding of materials.

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