The packaging industry is one of the most rapidly growing markets in Poland and worldwide.

As we all know, customers buy with their eyes, so packaging plays an important role in the sales process. Due to changing raw materials and the need to adapt to new environmental standards, the adhesives used for packaging have to keep up with these changes all the time.

Our company provides the most suitable adhesive products for packaging and offers total solutions and technical expertise to meet bond strength, safety and performance requirements.

You will find products based on EVA, polyolefins, PUR as well as rubbers in the form of glue sticks, granules and cushions with different open time, setting time, thermal resistance. Depending on your needs, we will find the optimum solution to satisfy your technological requirements.

Their range of applications is:

Our adhesives find solutions in many branches of the packaging industry.


solid and coated cardboard packaging


fruit and vegetable crates



PET packaging


paper sacks and bags


courier, security and e-commerce envelopes


return cartons: adhesive strip bonding



stabilisation of goods on the pallet


Adhesives in the packaging industry – innovations from A.D. System

In the packaging industry, the right choice of adhesive is key to the success of any product. A.D. System offers specialised adhesive solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of the industry, increasing the efficiency and quality of packaging.

Individual selection of packaging adhesives

The diversity of packaging requires an individual approach to adhesive selection. A.D. SYSTEM hotmelt adhesives are ideal for the production of all types of cardboard and paper packaging, as well as for sealing bulk packaging. They are particularly suitable for food packaging. We offer not only products, but also professional advice on the selection of an adhesive for specific packaging needs.

Who is our offer aimed at?

Our products are aimed at manufacturers of all types of packaging, envelopes, cartons and paper bags. We provide solutions that meet the needs of the various sectors of the packaging industry, guaranteeing efficiency and quality.

Specific applications of adhesives in carton production

A.D. System hotmelt adhesives are used in the production of various types of packaging, including e-commerce cartons, envelopes, and in the sealing processes of packaging and plastic packaging production. As a result, our products are indispensable in many stages of packaging production.

Advantages of our adhesive solutions

Our adhesives are distinguished by their performance, especially those based on APAO. They are also characterised by a very high temperature resistance (from -20°C to +90°C), which is important when bonding plastic packaging. 

Types of adhesive used in the packaging industry

We offer EVA, APAO hot melt adhesives from the ADMELT® series of granules and pillows and DUOSTICK® glue sticks.These products are specifically tailored for applications in the packaging industry, providing adhesive performance and durability.

Recommended application equipment for packaging adhesives

For maximum efficiency and convenience, we recommend hand-held devices such as glue stick guns and pneumatic glue guns. We also offer advanced glue systems that are ideal for larger production lines.

A.D. System is your partner in providing innovative and effective adhesive solutions for the packaging industry, combining high quality with professional advice.

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