The requirements for the production of filters are increasing.

Whether they clean indoor air, oil in cars, filter water or purify the exhaust air in a hoover. They have to withstand many stresses such as high pressure, temperature and resistance to filtered contaminants.

The adhesives offered by A.D.  SYSTEM meet the standards and expectations of our customers. We offer adhesives for pleating, adhesives for sealing filter frames, adhesives for filter assembly and adhesives for sealing filter media.

We offer suitable hot melt adhesive products tailored to production speed, production line equipment, operational requirements and types of filter materials such as glass fibres, PET, PTFE, PP and papers.

Adhesives in filter production – effective solutions from A.D.  System

In the filter manufacturing industry, it is crucial to ensure product tightness and durability. AD System offers specialised hot-melt adhesives that guarantee reliability and high performance in the creation of industrial filters, including HEPA and automotive filters.

The role of hotmelt adhesives in filter manufacture

Hot melt adhesives are essential in the manufacture of a variety of filters, from cartridge, to HEPA type, to automotive filters. They ensure that the filter elements are tightly bonded together, which is key to their effective operation and not letting air through sideways.

Who is our range of filter adhesives for?

Our products are aimed at filter manufacturers operating in a variety of industries. We provide adhesive solutions that meet the needs of a wide variety of filter manufacturing applications, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency.

Specific applications for adhesives in filter manufacture

A.D.  System adhesives are used for bonding spacers in pleated filters, bonding filter frames, and bonding pleats in filters. Their versatility allows their use in a wide variety of production processes in the filter industry.

Advantages of AD System adhesives in filter production

Adhesives from AD System are characterised by their resistance to temperature and operating agents, their wide adhesion range and their flexibility. These characteristics make them the ideal choice for filter production applications, ensuring product durability and reliability.

Types of adhesive used in filter production

Our product range includes adhesives from the ADMELT® AND DUOSTICK® series based on EVA and APAO. They are specifically tailored for filter production applications, offering durability and high bonding performance.

Recommended glue application equipment

For best application results, we recommend the use of hand-held devices such as glue stick guns and air guns, as well as the glue systems available from AD System. These devices are suitable for a variety of applications in filter production.

A.D.  System is your trusted partner in providing advanced adhesive solutions for the filter manufacturing industry, ensuring high quality and efficiency in every aspect of production.

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