Made in USA

Titebond® adhesives are a comprehensive range of products for the mainly furniture and woodworking sector. Manufactured in the USA, Titebond® adhesives have won over a huge number of users worldwide who do not recognise quality compromises and are looking for the highest possible bond quality.

Titebond® adhesive

Titebond® is a brand that has gained worldwide recognition, offering products of the highest quality, mainly for the furniture and woodworking sector. Manufactured in the USA, it has gained worldwide recognition, becoming the number one chioce for professionals in the furniture and woodworking industy. With its reliability and durability, it has become synonymous with excellence in adhesives. If you are looking for an adhesive that meets all your expectations and provides a durable bond Titebond® is the answer.

Titebond wood adhesives

Titebond wood adhesives are a guarantee of reliability and durability in any carpentry project. One of the key aspects that distinguishes these adhesives is their short setting time (with the Original version it is about 5 minutes at room temperature), which significantly speeds up the production process and allows you to proceed to the next stages of your work more quickly. What’s more, Titebond products are solvent-free, making them an ideal choice for use in confined spaces with poor ventilation. Thanks to their unique formulation, these adhesives penetrate perfectly into the structure of the porous wood surface, creating a strong and durable bond. As a result, the glued joint is not only strong, but also aesthetically pleasing, with no visible traces of glue. Depending on the adhesive model chosen, the colour after drying can be clear, white or cream. Whether you are a professional or simply want to repair your favourite musical instrument, we can advise you on the right type. The products of the American brand Titebond are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable solution for wood gluing for both interior and exterior applications.

Titebond – professional adhesives instead of screws

Titebond adhesives are a state-of-the-art solution found mainly in the furniture and woodworking sector. However, due to their unique properties, these professional adhesives instead of screws are also often used in homes. It is, of course, crucial to choose the right type, as this is what determines the durability and performance of the joints. An important aspect when choosing the right adhesive is to consider its characteristics and match them to the application. The adhesive joint has a high initial strength, but once set, it is extremely strong and durable, guaranteeing a long-lasting and solid connection.

How long does Titebond take to dry?

The drying time of Titebond adhesive is dependent on several key factors. First and foremost, it depends on the type chosen, as each has individual properties and uses. Temperature is another important factor affecting the process – the times quoted on the label are for room temperature (around 21 degrees C). In addition, the amount of adhesive applied also makes a difference – a thin layer dries faster than a thicker one. It is therefore worth paying attention to the technical specifications of the specific Titebond product for the best results.

Titebond – strong wood adhesive

Titebond is a brand that is popular with woodworking professionals around the world. Its products are not only characterised by exceptional adhesion, but are also ideal for use on acoustic instruments, thanks to their vibration transmission. As a result, Titebond glue guarantees a high degree of reliability for wood joints, regardless of their intended use. The formulation of the individual types of adhesive has been developed to ensure optimum adhesive properties, while at the same time ensuring user safety. The Titebond brand offers a range of products that are predominantly used to join wood, but also materials such as metal, ceramics, plastics and even stone. What is more, the various types are non-toxic and can therefore also be used for bonding parts that come into contact with food. By choosing an adhesive from this brand, you are betting on quality that will stand the test of time.

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