printing industry

Printing is the technical field dealing with the processes involved in printing and reproducing materials.

This sector occupies an important place in industry, marketing and various forms of advertising. The most important printing services include the printing of books, brochures, catalogues, notebooks and calendars.

Due to changing technology and increasing customer demands, the printing industry needs the right raw materials, which are an essential element for creating excellent products. Such raw materials include adhesives.

Their range of application is:

Our company recommends a range of adhesives based on hot melt (more on – hot melt adhesives), glutinous (animal) adhesives, dispersion adhesives and PUR hot melt.


gluing of spines, backs and bindings of publications, books and magazines


surface lamination


production of  „memo pads”




pasting of product samples



Adhesives in the printing industry – effective solutions from A.D.  System

The printing industry, which plays an important role in the economy, requires specialised adhesives that meet the challenges of printing a wide variety of materials. A.D.  System offers advanced adhesives that are ideally suited to the needs of printers, packaging manufacturers and advertising agencies, ensuring performance and durability..

Use of adhesives in printing production

Hotmelt adhesives from A.D.  System are used in the production of books, printed matter, packaging (carton glue)and POS materials. They are indispensable for ensuring the durability and strength of printed products, as well as for maintaining their aesthetics and functionality.

Who is our offer for?

We target printers, packaging manufacturers and advertising agencies with our products. We provide adhesive solutions that meet the specific requirements of this industry, guaranteeing high quality and efficiency in print production.

Specific adhesive applications in the printing industry

A.D.  System industrial adhesives are used for bonding different surfaces in the printing production process. Their flexibility, stress resistance and excellent adhesion to various surfaces ensure a high quality final product.

Advantages of AD System adhesives in the printing industry

The adhesives from AD System are distinguished by their performance, stress resistance, flexibility and excellent adhesion to various surfaces. These properties make them the ideal choice for applications in the printing industry.

Types of adhesive used in the printing industry

Our range includes APAO, PSA and EVA-based adhesives from the ADMELT® and DUOSTICK® series. They are specifically tailored for use in the printing industry, offering durability and high bonding performance.

Recommended glue application equipment

For best application results, we recommend the use of hand-held devices such as glue stick guns and air guns, as well as the adhesive systems available from AD System. These devices are tailored for a variety of applications in the printing industry. AD System is your trusted partner in providing advanced adhesive solutions for the printing industry, providing products that are key to the quality and durability of printed materials.

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